Summer Lovin'

(shirt - thrifted, skirt - American Apparel, Shoes - UO, Bag - UO)

Hey guys i am back :3
After a long month of not blogging i am happy to say that i am on my summer break and i have been an official high school graduate for exactly one week today! The last month of school was pretty hectic, stressful, and exhausting but i made it through and im super excited to be going of to college in San Francisco at the end of August! But for now im going to have so much time to blog and make videos which is great. I want to do even more once college starts being that im majoring in Fashion Design. I'm so excited, i got my class list already and everything so yeah everything is getting pretty real and a bit scary.
I even started making the vids for my youtube channel that ive been talking about creating for so long Yes. I'll be editing them and posting them with my next blog post.
I've been pretty into black outfits lately even though its getting up there in the 90's and 100's out here. I guess i'll just have to suffer. All black with a bit of color here and there i love so much. I've been thinking about making a bunch of summer festive jewelry and maxi skirts to sell at local flea markets. I've made some for myself and i thought that making them for a bunch of people would be pretty cool and fun. I can even do it once i move because flea markets in Berkeley are my fave. I just really love flea markets really. I also want to go to a bunch of festivals and concerts this summer. I want to enjoy my last summer before real life sets in to say the least. Ahh, i'm so excited for everything coming my way.

I hope all of you are enjoying your Thursday!