Inspiration Post

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is one of my biggest music inspirations. The vibe I get when I listen to her is out of this world. It's chill, relaxing, and happy. It just makes me feel like dancing all over my room, or in a meadow filled with daisies and butterflies. Seriously, I love her. I absolutely love her. I love her voice, her musical style, fashion sense, everything. Lana is a Godess. Thank you Lana for giving me what you give to me..life.

Kickin' It Old School

So..I was looking at these Reebok Freestyle Hi's yesterday and I swear I fell in love. These are the originals that were released in the 80's and I'm super jealous because my mom always brags about owning every pair known to man. I was going to order some, but instead I ordered some Moccasins that I've been wanting since last summer. These will definitely be my next purchase, I can't wait to own a pair.

Here Comes The Sun

( Shirt - FBLA (DIY Fringe) , High Waisted Shorts - Wrangler, Moccassins - Airwalk , Bag - pinkbulletstore )

My day consisted of school, food, and more school. Sitting through 6 hours of class kills me, everyday. Luckily there are only 3 weeks left, which is a plus because I am absolutely ecstatic about summer break.

I decided to cut fringe into this shirt last night before bed. When I got it I had no clue what "FBLA" meant, but I looked it up and found that it means "Future Business Leaders of America. It caught my eye being that it's tie-dye, and tie-dye is my most favorite print. I guess next time I should find out what a logo means before I buy the shirt right? I also cut the Wrangler jeans into shorts, and decided to leave this pair plain and simple. No distressing needed, these shorts are lovely. Great fitting, comfy, and can pair with various shirts I own.

-Happy Monday!


Thrifted Finds

Home from a shopping date with my best friend. I thrifted a lot of great items. I'm thinking about cutting up the tie dye t-shirt into a tanktop, and I'm for sure cutting the jean shirt into a vest. I figured I would dye it ombre style and possibly stud it. I was so happy to find two pairs of Wrangler jeans to cut up into some high waisted shorts. I'll distress them, or dye them maybe. But I think I'd be better off leaving one pair of them plain. The white T-shirt I got I'm going to tie dye it, and the dress I got I'm going to transform it completely because the fit is horrible on me but I love the print. I found some overalls and an army shirt that I put back, but I'm wishing I would've got them. Ahhhh! I always end up putting a few items back that I regret putting back once I get home. Oh well, I'll find some again soon. But overall today was a magnificent Sunday!

Sunday Funday

It's beautiful outside today, so I decided to throw on some high waisted shorts and a nice loose fitting top. In a few I'll be going shopping and thrifting with my best friend, which is always fun. 
Happy Sunday!

(Top- Ebay, DIY High waisted shorts with beading - thrifted, Moccs - Payless, Bag- UO)


Inspiration Post

I'm inspired mostly but objects, nature, art, etc. rather than actual celebrities or icons, but I can tell you that Miley Cyrus has to be one of my biggest-if not biggest-fashion icon. I love her personal style more than her singing and her acting..not that that really matters but everything she wears catches my eye. The way she mixes, matches, and pairs things together is incredible. I love her grungy style, It's seriously just breath taking to me.


The night I dyed my first pair of dip dyed denim shorts, I made my first tie dye shirt and it came out great. It is the most fun process ever, and I'm going to be making more this weekend. I want to try out every tie dyeing technique, so I can master them. I swear, youtube saves me.

(Shirt - DIY, High Waist Shorts - Ralph Lauren Polo, Tribal print bag - Secondhand, Necklace - DIY )

Favorite Crewneck. Favorite Bag. Comfortable Days.

(Crewneck -  Eddie Bauer Secondhand, Bag - pinkbulletstore, Cutoffs - I don't remeber, Socks - hottopic, Shoes - UO)

I brought back out my favorite Nikes. I haven't worn them since before the summer of 2010, it felt good to wear them again. I paired them with my Flannel, in which I sewed on some denim sleeves to add a little extra to them. It was ridiculously hot later in the day because of the flannel. My whole outfit is pretty much DIY.

(Earrings - From my aunt, I have no clue where she got them. Beanie- Wally World, Leggings- Target, Nikes - I don't remember)

Crazy April

The weather has been so nice lately, a little hot for April weather though. But I got to wear my black mini I made over my spring break c:


DIY Dip Dyed Cutoff Shorts

I made these a few nights ago. I was so excited to dye my first pair of shorts it was insane. I also dyed some ombre shorts like I said I would a few posts ago. I will be dyeing my jean jacket later on this week, so when I do I will post up all of the Ombre style pictures together!
Happy Sunday~