You gotta certain who knows what about you

I really do try to update my blog as much as I can, but obviously I don't try hard enough. I just get detached or lazy and I put it off until hey it's a month later without a new post. Mhm.
Well there's not many days left until my graduation which is pretty exciting because I tell you, I get more sick of high school as each day passes. I'm super excited for college though, even though I know it'll be more stressful than what I deal with now but I'm ready to take on new responsibilities and live my life in the city what what.
The weather is getting really pretty. I love Spring and Fall weather because it allows more versatility in outfits in my opinion. You can wear a sweater, shorts, and boots and be fine because it's not too cold nor too hot. My absolute favorite because I love dressing like I'm confused about the season. Do I dress for the heat or cold? How about both? Once it hits May and the 90 degree weather comes creeping on us, I will literally not leave my house (besides for school) until the sun goes down. I can't explain how much I hate the heat. Summer weather in Sacramento sucks. It makes me want to break down in tears. So happy to be moving to San Francisco to be honest. I decided to bust out the skirt I made last summer, I haven't worn it since the first day of senior year. And I can't stop wearing my combat boots. It's a problem, because every night when I lay out outfit ideas I pick out a pair of shoes that will go with it, but in the morning I always end up wearing those boots. Pretty soon they're gonna be all banged up but that's how I love my shoes the most. I plan on just buying tons of boots now. I'm on a boot kick. I just really really love boots and I'll wear them every single day if I want, yes. And my Yin and Yang necklace is my other obsession that I don't take off unless I shower because it's my favorite pendant. Occasionally I switch it to this Jade pendant my mom gave me, but yeah I wear that everyday. Tons of reason behind it. I plan on getting a Yin and Yang tattoo most likely over summer.
So besides stressful school, super purrrty weather, and my awesome inspiration pictures up there, I'm actually going to start vlogging this month. I know I keep saying that but no I really really am. Making my youtube channel pretty soon I'm excited to start it up. I'll blog just as much, and post my videos on my blog posts. My mom also loves the idea and she's pushing to do it because I've just been super out of anything blog wise idk what it is but I need some sort of kick push. Like yeah you go and blog every week because it's great and you love it. 
Ohhhh, prom is next month, and I'm making my dress! THAT is what I'm most excited for. And nervous because if my dress doesn't turn out the way I visualized it I will be so sad but I have high hopes in my work so hopefully everything will turn out perfect. I can't wait. 

I hope everyone had a fab Tuesday ~~

plz go listen to Modern Baseball bc i cant stop listening its all perfect