Photo Diary

This past weekend I enjoyed a lot more than most of my recent weekends. My mom, younger brother, younger sister, and I all took a trip to The Bay Area to pay my grandma a surprise visit Saturday morning. I haven't saw her since May, but I haven't been to her house longer than I should have. I had so much fun looking through all of her clothes and jewelry, it was almost as if I've never even looked at any of it before! I guess when I have I wasn't really paying attention to how many vintage finds she has. It was amazing looking at all of her things that just might be owned by me one day. My favorite piece of jewelry she has would have to be her vintage Christian Dior earrings. They're elegant, sparkly, and overall just breath taking. Later on that day we all went to visit my grandpa's grave, which I have never been to. It was a great experience but was also an emotional experience for all of us. He died a month before I was born, and I think of him as my angel. Even though we never physically met, I know him, and I love him.
On Sunday my mom and I ran errands pretty much all day. One of the places we went to was Michael's to get Halloween decorations, and I was surprised that they already had a bunch of Christmas decorations all around the store! I love the holiday's, so seeing all of this made me happier than ever. We also got a few pumpkin candles that smell so delicious ahhhhhh~ In Walmart I saw Furby's, and I was in complete shock to see them. One, because I haven't caught sight of these things since I was smaller, and two, they're 54 freaking dollars. If I recall correctly, they were not that much before. But hey, whatever works. I want a yellow one honestly. I think I'll get myself one for Christmas.

~Happy Tuesday everyone~


Chameleon Soul

(Blazer - Ebay, Scarf - Made by me, Socks - Ebay, Shorts - Second hand, Boots - UO)

The first few photos are from Friday, and the ones after are photos from today. 
Today was a very exciting day for me, because I completed my 0 period class! I had to take it in order to catch up on my credits because of the years I was to dumb to care about my school work. Yeah, my mistake, but I made up for it. Which means no waking up 2 hours earlier than I usually do. I love sleep, so knowing I completed this class was just amazing.
Today was a pretty typical chill Monday at school. I never really enjoy Monday's because almost everyone is always in a bad mood and that brings me down being surrounded by it all, but whatever. Even my teachers, like I wanted to go insane. I need to finish up my job applications soon so I can turn those in by Wednesday. Fingers crossed I come across a job interview (Or a job interview comes across me) by the start of September. I need money! Ahhhhh. Senior year has taken it's toll on me. I think I have been diagnosed with the famous "Senioritis". I'm not as bad as most of the seniors so far though. I think I had more Senioritis as a Junior than I will have this year to be quite honest. Senior year isn't hard, just very very stressful.
Okay so I have so many different things that I want to blog about I'm trying to sort them all out. Okay okay okay. I mentioned before on an inspiration post about how much I love Lana Del Rey, right? So her "Ride" video released on Wednesday I believe. Or Thursday. I can't remember clearly, but letttttt me tell you. Everything about her is just perfect and incredible and just ahhhh her music gives me chills and her videos are just breath taking I love her I love her I love her. Hooray to run on sentences. Sometimes I question if this is actually all of her ideas and creativity coming together and giving us what we know as Lana, or if this is all someone else's ideas thrown onto her and presented to us. But then I think, no, it's all her. Has to be. I remember the first song I ever heard from her was "Dark Paradise" last year and I fell in love with her instantly because that song just spoke to me. I love music guys. Music gets me through literally everything. I can't wait until her new album releases. I never, like ever, buy albums, but I will buy hers. I'm hopefully going to buy a record player pretty soon, and a lot of records so I can start a music collection of my own. 80% of my daily life involves music. Did I mention how much I love music?

~ Happy Monday guys, I hope you all enjoyed yours! ~


Darling, you'll be okay

(Flannel - Salvation Army, Shorts - Thrifted & Hand Dip-Dyed , Socks - Hottopic, Boots - UO, Shirt - Gift)

Hello Hello Hello my lovely readers!
I've been so busy with school and school related events lately that I haven't really found the time to blog. Homecoming week recently passed, and being involved in leadership at my school, it was the busiest week of my life so far. Well, not my life, but you guys get the point. It took me days to catch up on sleep but it was all worth it. I had an amazing time at our Hoemcoming game and dance. It's crazy how fast Senior year is flying by! I really can't believe it. It's all pretty bittersweet, especially since I recently started applying for colleges. Yes, it's real guys. It's really happening. I'm excited and nervous all in one to be moving to New York by August of next year if plans follow through. I am in the process of applying for Parson's, and FIT. Both highly acclaimed Fashion Schools where I will be studying Fashion Design for 2 years. My favorite designer (Marc Jacobs) actually went to Parson's which is pretty damn cool to me. I honestly can't wait. It's a bit scary knowing I'll be halfway across the country from where I live now, by myself, but I really think that I'll be okay. 
I have a whole bunch of random pictures I want to post, and when I have the time I might. I've been gathering up pictures for my upcoming inspiration post also. Everything is hectic right now, but I will find the time to sort it all out and keep blogging frequently like I promised!
Oh, did I mention that I'm so freaking happy that it's finally October? I don't think so. Well I am. October is by far my most favorite month of the year, and the fact that fall weather just recently hit my city fills me with the greatest joy ever ever ever. Fall is just, ugh. Beautiful. Perfect. Magical. I love fall clothes, everything about fall I adore. Everything about October I adore. I'm just in love with life right now guys. From the Halloween movies they play on Disney Channel and The Family Channel..to the horror movies (horror movies are my all-time fave), to Halloween, to Bonfires, I just feel that I am more alive during this time of year. Holiday Season makes me very happy. I wish it was Fall/Winter all year round.

- Happy Wednesday guys!