So far summer: Photo Diary

(Velvet Crop top - diy, shorts - thirfted, bag - esprit, headband - diy)

(dress - diy, headband, diy, bag - uo)

(shirt - arizona company, shorts - wrangler, bag - uo, belt - ebay)

 (shirt - Jack Daniels, skirt - abercrombie diy tie dyed, sandals - ebay, bag - ebay)

Woah, it's already been over a month of summer, what?
And, within this month I haven't blogged. Hmm, I actually thought about deleting my blog ((how dumb)) but I don't think that's a great choice. Last night I had this boost of inspiration flying at me from all angles at around 5 am, and I thought about all of the things I want to accomplish over summer. Why haven't I been putting in effort? Idk I guess sometimes I think what I do isn't good enough, and that sucks because that's basically putting myself down so I doubt all of my work. Well uhm, I'm taking on summer, my blog, my youtube channel, and I'm starting to take my camera everywhere like I once used to because pictures are great. Documenting memories are great, so here is my summer so far.
I have gotten loads of nice clothing items and everything else worth being excited about so far over summer, and I'll be posting my haul videos from youtube onto here once they are edited and uploaded. I haven't gone thrifiting for a few months which I really need to do sometime soon, I'm having withdrawals seriously! I also need to tie dye some things because I have not done that since last summer, and I need to get my hands all messy and discolored. It's getting closer and closer for me to leave for college, and I'm both excited/nervous. The bay area is my home, although I haven't lived there since I was 9, but I can't wait for so many adventures there. The scenery for pictures and videos, and just getting to be involved in what I love doing everyday. Fashion. I can't wait to begin my major in fashion design, and get a job somewhere in the city. Branch out to meet new people, and enjoy my youth. I've been waiting for this day for so long (high school wasn't that great to me) and I'm going to make sure I take advantage of every opportunity given to me. BUT I'M STILL NERVOUS OKAY, STILL NERVOUS.
I've gotten back into the habit of sewing, ya see I made a velvet crop top which is cool but it's too hot to wear that. Even though I did wear it to my friend Gloria's going away party. She was (is) an exchange student from Germany, but I swear she became American. She's back out there now actually. Everyone here is going to miss her so much. We love you Glo!
I feel as though I have so much to talk about but not really. I have tons of ideas but I'm not ready to put them out on my blog yet, being that they're just jumbled in my head right now but they feel right. I kind of want to take a picture of my most recent items to post buttttttt you all will see the clothing items in outfit posts. But my other things such maybe I'll post them because I'm excited to show them! It will all be in my vids though, so either way, yeah.
Summer bonfires have been cool, I enjoy those so much. World War Z was a cool movie + I saw Monsters Uni on that same day, on a date, with a great guy named Kris. Who just so happens to be one of my close friends. Along with Mark (their arms are in my tapioca express picture up there). They're my favorite guys to hang out with, and they make my days better. I will forever be obsessed with tea, so tat Pure Leaf is just so delicious looking at that photo right now makes me want one so bad. Wow this paragraph is so random I'm trying to bunch up good things into once chunk. I'm enjoying summer, trying to enjoy my last as a "kid" you know. I don't want to let this go to waste.
I swear I'll post at least once a week from now on. No promises once school starts but I'll still try.

Happy Thursday! ~


Summer Lovin'

(shirt - thrifted, skirt - American Apparel, Shoes - UO, Bag - UO)

Hey guys i am back :3
After a long month of not blogging i am happy to say that i am on my summer break and i have been an official high school graduate for exactly one week today! The last month of school was pretty hectic, stressful, and exhausting but i made it through and im super excited to be going of to college in San Francisco at the end of August! But for now im going to have so much time to blog and make videos which is great. I want to do even more once college starts being that im majoring in Fashion Design. I'm so excited, i got my class list already and everything so yeah everything is getting pretty real and a bit scary.
I even started making the vids for my youtube channel that ive been talking about creating for so long Yes. I'll be editing them and posting them with my next blog post.
I've been pretty into black outfits lately even though its getting up there in the 90's and 100's out here. I guess i'll just have to suffer. All black with a bit of color here and there i love so much. I've been thinking about making a bunch of summer festive jewelry and maxi skirts to sell at local flea markets. I've made some for myself and i thought that making them for a bunch of people would be pretty cool and fun. I can even do it once i move because flea markets in Berkeley are my fave. I just really love flea markets really. I also want to go to a bunch of festivals and concerts this summer. I want to enjoy my last summer before real life sets in to say the least. Ahh, i'm so excited for everything coming my way.

I hope all of you are enjoying your Thursday! 



When love and hate collide

(Def Leppard cut off tank - thrifted, Velvet Maxi skirt - thrifted, necklace - ebay, bracelets - flee market, Dress - handmade, sandals - ebay, feather chained belt - handmade)

Whenever i wear band tees to school my government teacher Mr. Mckibbon always tells me a story about the band and it's really cool. He's probably one of the coolest teachers i've ever had, and he listens to the same music i do which makes him even cooler. Yeah, he's just all around great.
Today was a good tuesday for no reason at all, but i enjoyed it a whole bunch. Graduation is getting closer and closer which is bittersweet, but more on the sweet side for me. Prom was on saturday by the way and it was probably one of the best nights of my life so far! I actually made my dress so i guess i should put up some pictures pretty soon, yeah :3 I'm looking forward to this summer, and things are going to get much harder after graduation but im trying to mentally prepare myself for adulthood. It's kind of scary to think about. Being on my own and all of that, but im excited so thats a good thing.
I have yet to make my haul videos because i am just super lazy and school has been kicking my butt but im trying to make them asap. Seriously this is no longer a game.
I've gotten back into the habit of making clothes and jewelry which i should never take a break doing being that fashion design is my biggest passion in this world. I just lost tons of inspiration and motivation but im climbing back up that ladder and it feels good to make stuff. It clears my head and gets my mind off of things.
Happy belated earth day y'all, the last few pictures in my floral dress are from yesterday which i forgot to post, oops.

I hope you all have an amazing Tuesday! ~


don't know where I belong

(Van Halen t shirt - thrifted, skirt - thrifted, boots - gift)

Yo yo yiggity yo ~
So I've been trying to post for like a week and something's been up where I couldn't. Like a crash in the website or something but i am super happy that i can finally post because that was really annoying. 
I don't have as much to say as i did when i originally wanted to make a post here bc i guess you could say im not in the right "blogging mood right now". But i felt like i needed to update so, yeah.
There's only 30 something more school days left until i graduate which is pretty damn exciting. I have a brand new long term goal whereas to what im doing after high school and i think its great. I've decided to take a year off from school to travel around the world. All of the money that would be saved for school will now be saved for my trip which will last a year. I've always wanted to do this, and the best time to do it is right after high school so, yes. I'm really excited about it i just need to further plan it but it should be one the best experiences that ever happens to me. I really hope it is. I want to visit so many cool places, try foods, meet people, and experience the culture in general. So when i come back, instead of reapplying at the Academy of Arts Uni in SanFran I decided that I will go with my BIG dream and study fashion design in New York like i originally wanted. I'll be ready to be out there on my own since i would have been around the world alone, so, mhm. I'm sticking to this. Not letting anything get in the way of it. My soul is craving to see the world. It's this weird feeling i get about it because i really feel as if im meant to do it, ya know? I got this.
Saturday if I can finish making my prom dress, im going to make a haul of everything i recently got so that will be fun. Just want school to be over with so the unnecessary stress can leave.

Happy Wednesday guys ~ 

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