Boy London

Okay so..I have been seeing Boy London everywhere. Literally everyyywhere, and from the moment I saw it I was intrigued. From Rihanna to fashion bloggers, It's caught my eye on everyone. I like the simplicity of it. The logo is simple, and the colors are black and white. I love how effortless but grungy and punk it looks. You can either wear it casual, or dress it up. Whatever works. A few Boy London items are on my wishlist now! I want to order a few shirts and leggings when I get the chance.


Taste the Rainbow

I was feeling extremely festive wearing these colors. Bright colors always put me in such an amazing mood. I realized my outfit choices have been kind of dark and dull lately, so I decided to liven it up a bit. Well, a lot actually. The weather was pretty nice that day, I'd prefer it to be just a little bit warmer though. The weather is so bi-polar over here in Sac. It drives everyone insane. It barely rained all winter, now it's raining and cold. Hopefully the spring weather that I personally love comes sooner than later. High 70's, low 80's! Warm enough for shorts, but cool enough for light sweaters.

(Sweater - Urbanoutiftters.com , Scarf - Secondhand, Beanie- Secondhand, Necklace - Handmade, Boots- Urbanoutfitters.com , Earrings - Not Sure, Leggings - Target.com , Bag - Pinkbulletstore.com )


Ombre Chic

Today my friend Adriana wore a Ombre dyed oversized sweater to school, and I loved it so much that I thought I'd make a post on how much I adore the Ombre trend. I've been seeing it a lot recently and it has me wanting to try out dyeing my denim jacket and a couple pair of high waist shorts for the spring/summer. I've always been a huge fan of Tie Dye, so this trend has really caught my eye. It's sort of similar, but then not similar at all. It always looked complicated to me to create the Ombre effect, but now that I know how to do it, I think I'll go for it! I'm really excited, and as soon as I get around to doing it I'll post them up. Above are a few Ombre dyed pieces that are inspirational to me. They are all on Etsy.com for sale right now. 

(Cropped Ombre Denim Jacket- $77.99, Cotton Candy Ombre Tie Dye Shorts- $30.00, Vintage 1980s High Waisted Ombre Hand Dyed Denim Destroyed Distressed Shorts-$44.00)

Bow ties Bow ties Bow ties!

So I've been really into bow ties lately.. and I just got around to making a few yesterday! I'm thinking about making a big collection on spring inspired bow ties. I have a few ideas such as bleached denim bowties, acid washed bow ties, floral bow ties, neon bow ties, etc.


Wishful Wednesdays

It was so windy outside today, which made it hard to take these pictures. Yesterday was more ridiculous though. I actually had to go deep into this little grass pathway thing to get to these rocks. It was like walking down a small hill, I was kind of scared of falling and breaking my face.

Happy Wednesday :3

( Shirt - Random, Vest- Secondhand, Tights- Wally World, Socks - Amazon, Shoes - Mary Jane's from Urban Outfitters, Bag - Brand: Spirit; Secondhand, Beanie - Wally World)


Inspiration Post


The weather was nice today! In the mid 60's I think. I actually got too hot in my sweater, and I was going to wear distressed tights under my shorts and socks but I decided not to (thankfully) . School was alright, I'd rather have been at home as usual..but today was overall a good day. 

(Sweater - Secondhand, Bandana - Beauty Supply, High Waist Shorts- Polo by Ralph Lauren, Socks- Steve Madden, Shoes - Urban Outfitters, Earrings- Can't Remember )

*Happy Fridaaaay!

My Best friend and I

(Beanie - secondhand, sweater- UO, flannel - secondhand, jeans- forever21, shoes - UO, socks- secondhand)

* I shop secondhand a lot.