Inspiration Post

I love everything magical. I love fairies. I love nature. I love the woods. I love meadows.

Isn't very predictable that a fashion crazed girl like myself gets the most inspiration from what I listed above is it? Well, it's true. I'm mostly inspired by nature than anything else in this world. I believe in magic and fairies and just the thought of being cozy inside of a cottage deep in the woods warms me up. I want a cottage in the woods when I'm older actually. My own sanctuary to turn to when my life gets a little bit too crazy. A place to relax and drink hot chocolate and read and write. A place I can call my own. A place to draw. A place to think of new ideas. I've never been to the woods actually, and I've never been camping. But when I do will cherish every single minute of it.

Also, my favorite scenes from The Hunger Games were when they were in the woods, hence the picture collage I added from those scenes in the movie.

-Happy Saturday!


I hope you get the picture, because you're always in my focus

(Shirt - Arizona Company, high rise Shorts - Polo DIY Tie dyed, shoes - UO)

This is a late post of what I wore yesterday. So far my senior year is off to a great start! The shorts here are the shorts I posted a few weeks back that I tie dyed myself.

- Happy Friday!


Senior year baby!

(Shirt - secondhand, skirt - Made by me, Shoes - UO, Bag- Ebay)

Today was my first day of senior year! I can say that overall it was an amazing day. 


Inspiration Post: Gold Rush

Usually I don't go for gold, but recently I've been all over it. It's something about gold accessories that have caught my eye more than normal. I'm a silver kind of girl. Most of my accessories and such are silver, although I have a few gold items. From shoes to necklaces, to nail polishes, to bags, gold has been making a bold statement to me recently. I plan on getting a lot of gold accessories for my back to school wardrobe. My mom has always been a lover of gold, so luckily I can steal a few of her things to wear.

- Happy Saturday!

Back to School Finds

Before I go on about the topic of this post, I want to apologize for my lack of blogging during my summer vacation. I don't know why I haven't posted honestly, besides lack of inspiration, there's not much to say. I'm back on it, bringing more fashion than ever.

However.. I went thrifting a few weeks ago for new items to add to my back to school wardrobe. There's more but these were a couple of my favorite shirts. When I actually incorporate them into my outfits I'll post them on those days. I didn't realize until I was done taking these pictures that I pretty much bought all button ups and sweaters..which wasn't very smart on my part because for the rest of August and most of September it will mostly be in the low 100 high 90's outside. Sucks right? I can honestly say I love nothing about summer weather. Winter is the time I thrive. I love winter clothes and that's mostly what my closet consists of. Oops. On the plus side I go to an indoor school that's freezing basically the whole 6 hours there so I'll be fine.