90's Punk Grunge / Mid 60's Early 70's Hippie era

Like I said before I'm mostly inspired by the 80's fashion era, but something about the Mid 60's early 70's hippie era, and The 90's punk grunge style is so fascinating to me. The way everything is thrown together gives a certain look that I really love. Sky Ferreira is a huge inspiration to me. From her music to her style, she's amazing.
 In a way I've incorporated this to my personal style. I don't even know what to call my personal style. It's a handful of things bunched and jumbled together. That's one reason why I named my blog "Rainbow In The Dark" because I feel like I'm a bunch of different cultures, era's, music, art, everything...someone who's really eccentric and bright in the dark world we live in today. Dark meaning negative, and not so supportive of people who like to branch out and just be their own person.