Mallzee: Making shopping social!

I have came across the amazing opportunity of joining a unique shopping website that will be launched later this year that goes by the name of Mallzee.com . This site is aimed to make online shopping social and more enjoyable for you savvy online shoppers! If you sign up now, when this site launches you will be able to build an online mall, fill it with your favorite stores and brands, and allow your friends to shop there with you as well. You will also be able to promote your Mallzee via Facebook/Twitter, and will receive amazing discounts for your friends. And to top it off with ice cream on the cake, when your friends buy something from your personal Mallzee, you get paid for it! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now at Mallzee.com and be entered to win a (much needed I'm sure) shopping experience! I already have.

Click here to sign up

Happy Saturday!

- Kalaeja