Taste the Rainbow

I was feeling extremely festive wearing these colors. Bright colors always put me in such an amazing mood. I realized my outfit choices have been kind of dark and dull lately, so I decided to liven it up a bit. Well, a lot actually. The weather was pretty nice that day, I'd prefer it to be just a little bit warmer though. The weather is so bi-polar over here in Sac. It drives everyone insane. It barely rained all winter, now it's raining and cold. Hopefully the spring weather that I personally love comes sooner than later. High 70's, low 80's! Warm enough for shorts, but cool enough for light sweaters.

(Sweater - Urbanoutiftters.com , Scarf - Secondhand, Beanie- Secondhand, Necklace - Handmade, Boots- Urbanoutfitters.com , Earrings - Not Sure, Leggings - Target.com , Bag - Pinkbulletstore.com )