Thrifted Finds

Home from a shopping date with my best friend. I thrifted a lot of great items. I'm thinking about cutting up the tie dye t-shirt into a tanktop, and I'm for sure cutting the jean shirt into a vest. I figured I would dye it ombre style and possibly stud it. I was so happy to find two pairs of Wrangler jeans to cut up into some high waisted shorts. I'll distress them, or dye them maybe. But I think I'd be better off leaving one pair of them plain. The white T-shirt I got I'm going to tie dye it, and the dress I got I'm going to transform it completely because the fit is horrible on me but I love the print. I found some overalls and an army shirt that I put back, but I'm wishing I would've got them. Ahhhh! I always end up putting a few items back that I regret putting back once I get home. Oh well, I'll find some again soon. But overall today was a magnificent Sunday!