Super Inspiration Post: "The anti-fashion era"

Nineties Fashion: "The anti-fashion era"

My heart stays in the 80's era, but recently I have been inspired by the 90's more than ever. It's not a nostalgic feeling or anything, since I was born in 95, but it's the fact that the 90's era makes me feel good. Not just fashion wise, but from tv shows to toys, to books. It's great. I know that many people see both the 80's and 90's era as eras of "try too hard fashion" but I see the complete opposite. What I see is twenty years worth of people being care free and alive. Twenty years of amazing music, and the best movie/ tv shows of all time. I always imagine myself living during these times, and If I could, I definitely would. The 90's Hip Hop scene, and Grunge/Punk scene are both creative, unique, and I feel like nothing gets better than what this time brought for these two movements.

One thing I love about the nineties era is how- to me at least- it was an expansion of the eighties fashion trends. What appeals to me the most is the grunge scene that became popular in the late 90's. Courtney Love's style - I adore. Even though it wasn't accepted socially at first, many kids adapted to it, and it's coming back into style now. Everything was effortless, messy, and thrown together. People didn't care much to look polished or kept up. Whatever goes was thing basically. Gosh, I'm inspired by so many different people from this era. From Drew Barrymore, to Courtney Love, to characters from Saved By the Bell, Clueless, Nirvana, Gwen Stefani, A Tribe Called Quest, NWA, The Baby Sitters Club Books, the list goes on and on.

The denim movement, doc martens, turtlenecks, floral baby doll dresses, chunky heels, Crop tops, mini skirts, scrunchies, bike shorts, pastel colored clothing, Slouch Socks, leggings, tights, sneakers, oversized sweaters, flannels, and loose fitting t-shirts are a few of my favorite trends. Fashion repeats itself, and what many kids my age don't know is that they weren't the first to wear anything. Someone did it before them, and someone did it before the person before them. It's about how you wear it, and how it appeals to your own creative personal style that really matters in my opinion.

I've been listening to a lot of R&B and Rap from this era more than often recently, and it's inspiring me to sew and draw more than usual. My usual music resources for when I sew are The Beatles, Beach Boys, and mainly a lot of 80's Pop and Rock N' Roll. But I'm happy to say that the nineties era has inspired me more than the just in the way I dress, but in the way I think, write, go about my daily life, It goes beyond just fashion wise. Many people may look back on this era and think it was crap because of everything being so effortless and grungy. But that's what I love. It's like today..many people try to hard to start new things, to always be the first to do something and claim it. Musically, Artistically, whatever. I feel as if kids in the 90's just didn't care. I'm proud to be born in this era of such great music and fashion.

Happy Thursday!