Inspiration Post

I love everything magical. I love fairies. I love nature. I love the woods. I love meadows.

Isn't very predictable that a fashion crazed girl like myself gets the most inspiration from what I listed above is it? Well, it's true. I'm mostly inspired by nature than anything else in this world. I believe in magic and fairies and just the thought of being cozy inside of a cottage deep in the woods warms me up. I want a cottage in the woods when I'm older actually. My own sanctuary to turn to when my life gets a little bit too crazy. A place to relax and drink hot chocolate and read and write. A place I can call my own. A place to draw. A place to think of new ideas. I've never been to the woods actually, and I've never been camping. But when I do will cherish every single minute of it.

Also, my favorite scenes from The Hunger Games were when they were in the woods, hence the picture collage I added from those scenes in the movie.

-Happy Saturday!