You move through the room like breathing was easy

(Mary Jane slip ons - UO, Shorts - Express, DIY studded and cut, Jean Shirt - Secondhand, Shirt - Express, Bag - UO, Earrings - Both pair Secondhand)

Hello my fab readers.
I've recently been sick for the past week and a half which is why I haven't blogged lately. There's this bug going around at my school, which is weird because it's summer. I've never been sick during summer so this was extremely miserable. I didn't know what to do with myself. I'm all better now though thankfully. Hopefully I won't be getting sick anymore this year, but that sounds way too good to be true. 

Today was a pretty good day, especially to be a Monday. I'm usually tired and grumpy at school but I was pretty much alive and full of energy all day. I've been excited to come home and look through snapshots and video reviews of New York Fashion Week! I'm especially excited because today is Marc Jacobs show at 7 pm or 7:30 pm I'm pretty sure. He's been my favorite designer since I was 10, and I can't wait to see what he has in store for everyone with this show. As much as I wish I was there, being able to see everything live over the internet is great and I can't complain. Hopefully by next year I will be living in New York way before fashion week so maybe I'll get the chance to be there. That would be a dream come true...an even bigger dream come true would be to showcase my own show there from my own fashion label. One day guys. Watch out for me, I will be there one day, and that's a promise. 

My outfit above consists of two of my favorite items of clothing I own. My jean shirt which my best friend Krystal's grandma gave me, and my simple black leather bag from Urban Outfitters which I use pretty frequently. The shorts I'm wearing were actually a pair of my mom's old shorts from Express. I took them in, made them high rise, and added a few studs to give them a little bit of more character. I forgot to post a while ago the bag of earrings my Art teacher from last year gave me. I'll actually incorporate that into one of my posts a different day. But they were a bunch of her old earrings that she thought I would love - which I did love right away. The two I'm wearing came from the ones she's given me. If any of you haven't noticed I wear two different earrings everyday. It kind of just stuck with me since the first time I did it my freshman year of high school.

By the way if you any of you are fans of The Xx and haven't listened to their new album Coexist yet, make a note to do that ASAP it's greaaaaat.

I hope all of your Monday's are moving along perfectly!
Happy Monday!