Hang Loose~

( Shirt - Hanes, Shorts - Maverick, Shoes - NIKE's, Bag - pinkbullet )

At my school, I hate it during this time of year where the weather is really nice and I pull out my shorts, tanks, dresses, short sleeves, etc. because It's always freezing inside, so it defeats the purpose of wearing spring/summer ready clothes. It'll be 80 degrees outside, but 55 inside. Impossible to sit in class comfortably without squirming around because of the unreasonably high air conditioning. Still, I take risks. 

I saw a dead jackrabbit today behind this building close to my school. There's always dead jackrabbits, but usually in the middle of streets. It creeps me out in this fascinating way..when I see dead animals, it's disgusting, but I can't help but stare at it for moments at a time and take pictures. Last weekend I actually saw the skeleton of one in the bushes while walking with my best friend. There's so many fields out here, so yeah, they are everywhere.

-Happy Tuesday!