A thousand lies have made me colder

( Crewneck Sweater - Hanes, Jean Cutoffs - SC, Moccs - Airwalk, Bag - pinkbullet )

Wednesdays are usually my most favorite day. Days closer to Friday, and the middle of the week. It just feels great. But today was such a drag. It was long, tiring, but I still had a positive day. With only 3 weeks of school left, everything is really stressful right now. Grades are due soon, and I have quite a lot of makeup work to do for my Alegbra 2 class. Math is my worst subject, and has always been. To add to the stress, I have an AP English Exam coming up very soon that I have yet to study for, and to top it all off, I have a Forensics powerpoint presentation to present on Friday. Nice. But hey, I'll pull through and get it all done. I always do. 
Afterschool my brother and I walked home, and we took a shortcut through the back of Arco Arena..or now the "Power Balance Pavillion" and took some shots back there. I hate that name, it will never sound right to me. But I'm feeling really uninspired today, and I hate when I have those days. Hopefully this washes away by later tonight, so I can sew a little bit.

-Happy Hump Day!