Coachella Chic

All photos from fashionista

I'm sure most of you have heard exciting news from this years Coachella Festival, seen pictures, or had the chance to attend. I've heard about it for quite some time and I've been dying to go! Hopefully I can go next year, or the year after since I'll have graduated by then. But I've been browsing through photo galleries of streestyle from Coachella and to me it is extremely inspiring. I've posted a few above that appealed to me. The denim shirt/jacket trend I love of course, and the patriotic shirts have been everywhere lately. I actually ordered a British flag loose fitting t-shirt that should be here soon. I absolutely adore beat up old converse, and the grunge look they give to relaxed outfits. I also have a love for jean cutoffs, which I've been wearing a lot of lately, cropped tops, and knapsacks. Is it just me or does Coachella seem more and more exciting with every picture taken and posted?