You're hotter than a Summer's day in California

(Earrings - Secondhand, Shirt - Arizona Company Thrifted, Shorts - Wrangler Thrifted, Bag - UO, Shoes - UO, Belt - Thrifted, Necklace - Gift)

As NYFW is coming along, I'm seeing so many pieces from collections that I love love love so much, that I want to blog about it immediately. But I'm holding back, and I think I'll just do a super inspiration post from my favorite things I've seen. That's going to be crazy long though. Ugh. I don't know. 

Well anyways, today  is coming along pretty chill. I'm excited for our homecoming events approaching so quickly at school. I can't wait for the rally, the game, the dance...everything. I'm excited about literally every bit of it all and I'm ready to live up my last Homecoming. I want to help out for costumes for my Senior Class's halftime show so I think I will. I have my dress for the dance already and I want to blog about that but I don't want it to be seen till the day of (which is the 29th) so yeah..That's going to have to wait. I'm ordering my shoes today which I'm REALLY REALLY excited for. 

What I'm wearing above is all pretty simple. The necklace is one of my favorite ones that I have, which my friend Mercedes gave me during summer break. It goes with pretty much everything I have which I love. When I'm not wearing my Yin and Yang one I'm most likely wearing this necklace!

- Happy Hump Day lovely readers c: