Photo Diary

This past weekend I enjoyed a lot more than most of my recent weekends. My mom, younger brother, younger sister, and I all took a trip to The Bay Area to pay my grandma a surprise visit Saturday morning. I haven't saw her since May, but I haven't been to her house longer than I should have. I had so much fun looking through all of her clothes and jewelry, it was almost as if I've never even looked at any of it before! I guess when I have I wasn't really paying attention to how many vintage finds she has. It was amazing looking at all of her things that just might be owned by me one day. My favorite piece of jewelry she has would have to be her vintage Christian Dior earrings. They're elegant, sparkly, and overall just breath taking. Later on that day we all went to visit my grandpa's grave, which I have never been to. It was a great experience but was also an emotional experience for all of us. He died a month before I was born, and I think of him as my angel. Even though we never physically met, I know him, and I love him.
On Sunday my mom and I ran errands pretty much all day. One of the places we went to was Michael's to get Halloween decorations, and I was surprised that they already had a bunch of Christmas decorations all around the store! I love the holiday's, so seeing all of this made me happier than ever. We also got a few pumpkin candles that smell so delicious ahhhhhh~ In Walmart I saw Furby's, and I was in complete shock to see them. One, because I haven't caught sight of these things since I was smaller, and two, they're 54 freaking dollars. If I recall correctly, they were not that much before. But hey, whatever works. I want a yellow one honestly. I think I'll get myself one for Christmas.

~Happy Tuesday everyone~