Love is strange, a lot of people take it for a game (Inspiration post)

My soul can't handle all of this pure perfection from photos and videos circa 1950-1989. Seriously, I am bound to explode. I decided to create some mood boards that bring me to life and inspire me, using pictures from these decades. So starting with the 1950's, I feel as if everything during this decade was simply perfect. I find myself constantly nostalgic for past times that I have never experienced myself, but I know enough about it to crave it so much man. It kills me, but at the same time I love it. It's like I can close my eyes and picture what it was like to live in this time. It's amazing to me. From the music, to the people, to the fashion. Living in the 1950's seems as if how the world should always be. Everything was clean and nice..happier..more simple. Less crime, less craze. Lot's of simplicity, happiness, love, care. If I could go back in time I swear to myself that I would every single day.
Don't get me started on music...music was...ahh...when I listen to music from this era I get all of these feelings inside of my body that I can't explain and I sit back and close my eyes and I just feel pure happiness. I feel hunger for this time. I feel as if part of me belonged there, because it did. The 1950's is where it all started for me. My love. A part of my soul is from this time and if I could have experienced it, my god, I would appreciate it so much. How Rock n Roll sounded when it was first introduced was lovely.
I loved the propaganda and the diners. I love the pin up girls and how perfect women wore red lipstick. I loved how chivalry was in it's prime and what teenagers did for fun. I love the drive ins and the hair do's. It's much more than the fashion that inspires me. It's the lifestyle of the 1950's. The family dynamics. The way neighborhood's looked. The way I imagine everything in my head by what I see in picture and video. Ahh, it's so much to intake.
Now moving along to the 60's and 70's. I feel as if the 60's was very similar to the 50's with a little more spunk and upgraded style. Plus, the mid sixties was the start of the "hippie movement" which is my absolute fave. I'm also obsessed with the whole "Psychedelic 60's" movement. Pretty perfect. Peter Max, ahh he is a god in my eyes. Besides the whole drug stuff going on (besides marijuana which I am okay with) I find myself wanting to experience this time so bad. Being that this is where The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd came along makes it even better, because those are 3 of my most favorite bands ever. I liked the whole idea of "Make love not war", I liked how peaceful and chilled out people seemed to present themselves. I reach into my inner hippie more and more each day, and the 60's-70's is a huge part of which makes me, me.
I loved the art, I love the way homes looked, I loved the prints and wallpaper, I loved the 60 Volkswagen, I loved the fashion, I loved the hair, I pretty much love every thing about the lifestyles that are portrayed in pictures, movies, and short videos/films. Although I know everything wasn't as perfect as it seems, I still would be very content if I got to experience living in this time. Which is why I'm so nostalgic for it.
The 1980's.....goodness don't get me started. Most people know that I am an 80's freak and I am obsessed with it like no other. Seriously. This time period takes up a huge part of what makes me, me. It's so bad that I can't really explain in words why I love it so much. It was just perfect, ok. From the clothes (which are my absolute fave), to the pop music, to the dances...I enjoy watching 80's teen movies more than any other genre. It's literally everything to me. I've been drawn into ever since I was a little girl and I just can't get enough. Recently is when I've gotten more into the 50's-70's, but the 1980's have always been me. The music has to be one of my favorite things about this era. I love 80's music of all genres more than any other type of music in this world. Ahh sharing this with people who take the time to read my blog makes me so happy. I love sharing what I love with others, seriously, you guys do not understand.
  Bless my soul.