Blame it on my wild heart~

(Cardigan - thrifted, shirt - Hanes hand tie dyed, shorts - Wrangler, tights - target, Boots - UO)

Honestly I was devastated to go back to school today, being that I was enjoying being lazy on Thanksgiving break just a bit too much. I actually had a really great day though. It's my friend Diane's birthday today, so I want to wish her a happy birthday on here! She turned 17, and I hope she had the best day ever. We've been friends since we were 13, it's crazy thinking about how much time has passed by. It's pretty scary too. Just 6 more months of high school left. Ahh, that's bittersweet on so many levels guys.
Well, I had inspiration flowing all through my body today. It's kind of gone away for a few weeks, but I feel up and at em' again, thankfully. I haven't used my sewing machine for a while, which is kind of disappointing to me, but hey I'll get back on that. I drew a bit yesterday, which was pretty exciting. Maybe I'll start posting  them up on here? I started crocheting some beanies&scarves which is so fun. Like, it's really really fun. Crocheting has always been one of my fave things to do since I was younger. I haven't knitted in a while, so maybe I'll practice that soon. Knitting has always been more challenging than crocheting to me, but hey whatever.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Monday as much as I did!