Life's too short to even care at all

Okay so I've always had a small love for collaging, but I've recently became so obsessed with it I want to collage literally everything. Sunday I made a mood board to hang on my wall above my bed that took me a few hours but it was so worth it. I also collaged an inspiration book I started feeling with quoutes, pictures, drawings, and journal writes. It's a really nice hobby to have honestly. It's also a good way of turning something plain into something that's fun and exciting looking. I used magazine scraps, old book pages, and random papers I've collected. I'm nearly a hoarder. I feel like nothing should be thrown away that I have because it is all valuable and I could use it one day. If not, I could give it to my sister once she gets older. It's bad, I still have things saved from 3rd grade and below that I just can't part with no matter what.

The weather has been pretty perf lately, considering that I love the rain more than tons of things and it's been raining up a storm (ha!). It actually stormed Friday and Saturday and it started to flood out in the town I live in, which was extremely scary because we live in a flood zone and every winter I'm afraid we'll all flood and die. Not even in a joking way, It scares me so much I don't know what to do. 

Luckily, I go to an indoor school unlike most schools in Sacramento.

One funny thing that happened today was, at lunch one of my friends came behind me while I was sitting with my other friends at our table and said "You wanna sell that jacket?" Idk that's probably only funny to me. But this is my fave windbreaker, I can't let it go just yet. *cough*cough h o a r d e r.

I think I'd like to get "Life's too short to even care at all." as a tattoo once I turn 18 because that's probably one of my favorite quotes by far and idk I just love it and live by it. Young The Giant is great guys, check out their music if you haven't already listened to them.

-Happy Tuesday everyone!