What a bright time, it's the right time, to rock the night away

 I don't know what it is (Actually I do) but I've been utterly obsessing over the 50's 60's and 70's eras a whole lot more than normal. All of my inspiration lately has been coming from everything revolving around these times. I can't listening to Mickey & Sylvia, The Beach Boys, Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Heart...the list goes on. I'm genuinely obsessed. I'm freaking out because it was all so great. Like I can't handle the feeling I get while listening to music from those era's watching movies, looking at videos, pictures..even listening to people share their experiences from their, it's all so much to take in and I absolutely love it.

Now for all of the Christmas related pictures. I'm in love with vintage 70's Christmas pictures. I just spent like an hour browsing through some and you know how people say "A picture tells a thousand words"? Well yes, look at those people. Really look, don't just glance. Stare at them and imagine what it felt like to be them, with their family, around the ones they loved. They look happy. You can stare into their eyes and see pure joy and happiness. I love that. I love that sometimes their really are times where there is nothing to worry about, and maybe it should be like that all the time. Maybe people shouldn't worry at all. It does no good for you, right? Yeah.

(Sweater - Hanes DIY Ninered up my my fab grandma, Vest - Thrifted, Scarf - Target, Skirt - Uke, Tights - UO, Shoes - Ebay)

To be completely honest today was one of the best Thursdays I've had at school in quite a while. To start things off, it's Holiday week, hence my red & green wardrobe and my reindeer antlers (Thanks Jared). Today was actually our "Deck The Halls" themed spirit day, which means dressing like it's Christmas time to sum it all up. People came (Mostly my leadership program we're all great) decked out in Santa Hats, Red&Green, Reindeer Antlers, Elves, etc. It was pretty perfect. Our school is also really festive and decorated nice for the first time since I've been in high school. It really feels like the Holiday Season there, which is great because I enjoy the Holidays a lot. 

Half of the time, it's sunny like it's July, but freezing like it January and I think it's really annoying. I hate sunny but cold weather because it just doesn't feel right. I love gloomy, stormy, freezing cold weather man. That's the best. We haven't got a lot of that yet. Oh California, I love you so, don't you know?

I hope everyone had a great Thursday, xx