Yes I'm sure down deep inside, you're the one that I want

 (Jacket- thrifted, Sweater - Vintage Disney Land, Scarf- thrifted)

Okay first off I have to say that I am completely and utterly obsessed with Skins UK and my soul is currently bursting of excitement from remembering that the new season is coming in 2013 (takes a breath here) and I just found out that it's taking place when they are all adults meaning I get to see the people I love and not anyone new oh my god can you say Happy Tuesday to me or what?!!
Any bad thing I was feeling is gone now because of hearing that news. That is just great. Skins is...perfection. I don't know what else to say besides it's pure perfection on a screen and I am addicted with no shame. So yeah, this post deserved to be filled up with Skins pictures and no other than one of my favorite movies ever. Grease. I've been craving to watch this movie for days now, and it's pretty much killing me that I don't own a DVD of it. Yeah, that really sucks. I wish it were on Netflix but only Grease 2 (which was kind of bad) is on it. Oh well.
So today was pretty great. I'm just glad that it's finals week and winter break starts on Friday so I can lounge around, eat food, and watch movies/shows all day. I love breaks because that's literally all I do. Besides occasional blogging. I shouldn't even call it occasional. Okay I blog, eat, sleep, and watch tv/movies. Yeah, much better. I need to actually go study for my finals, but I just had to make a quick post about a few of the perfect things that take place in my life. This is my inspiration for the day. Yes. Skins and Grease. Yum.

I hope everyone's Tuesday doesn't suck and if it did I hope something makes/made it better!

Happy Tuesday Guys!